1. I am faithful.
  2. I am the perfect daughter of God.
  3. I am perfect.
  4. I am not alone.
  5. I do not feel like I am alone.
  6. I am a humble servant.
  7. Good things will happen to me because I am liked by all, with reason.
  8. I can find amazing things, do amazing things, even in the most boring/hopeless of places.
  9. I take inspiration from everywhere, but
  10. I do not let criticism take me down.
  11. I am hard-working.
  12. I never tire out of doing good things. 
  13. I never stress out.
  14. I am recognized.
  15. I am loved.
  16. I am creative.
  17. I am resourceful.
  18. I am willing to learn.
  19. I am willing to change- which has led me to great places.
  20. I organize my time perfectly.
  21. I am genuine. 
  22. I don’t get jealous at worldly things.
  23. I greatly honor all those who have blessed my life. 

I am the girl that did it all, and all through faith and all for God. 

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