kren; ehe; 

and then i realize, i pretty much don’t want to be like anyone i know. 
maybe i know too much about them.
maybe “too much” is characterized by a big flaw i see in them.

(what’s my flaw? i’m scatterbrained, and i need to get organized.)

on another note, i do think with each person, there is something much better he/she does that i need to work on.

so really, right now i’m the most flawed- with so many flaws to improve on.
at the same time, i could be the least flawed- with the recognition of the areas of improvement, and the diligence to make things better.  


quitting school is mainstream.
taking classes and following doctrines so intensely won’t get you where you need to be fast enough- the world right now is your ever changing classroom.

avoiding basic principles and wanting to change the entire system is annoying and unprofessional. your chances of getting respect are low if you don’t respect the system already in place. 


All I know that while I may have lost the rawness of those memories, at least my mind was open, clear, willing to mold and re-mold itself, in order for me to have them. 

I wouldn’t have been able to experience most of the things I did had I been caught up in following others.

By definition of occupation, that’s exactly what I chose not to do. 


because I promised God I would. 


Take take take take it all Hillsong

to walk with you Lord all my days- with all my heart and all my soul 

caught up in grace like an avalanche 

-and you open the door for me

-I’m not shaken I’m not letting go

1. Where there is love, there is life- Gandhi

2. “Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.” Albert Einstein


Shannon 439

Mitchell 487


Cindy- 274

David- 1519

Kevin- 523

Mariko- 199



Colby 972-268-5881

Connor 214-454-6997


David Rosenbaum


Davis Eubanks214-585-1824



Jessie 361-237-7956

214-392-9415 Joy

Kayla 214-558-3153


Lauren 682-554-1069

Kurtis- 469-569-6651

Martin - 469-471-3037

Mcconnell 940-369-5970-


mike zampino


Nat Jarrett 940-369-8924

GROW- 469-233-4929

Randy 940-389-3171

Rob Best 909-489-1369

Susan 469-583-0553

theresa - 817-501-1550

mendes 940-369-8859


tori- 512-965-3124

crissy- 214-906-8651

Ramon 607-229-0987

  1. I am faithful.
  2. I am the perfect daughter of God.
  3. I am perfect.
  4. I am not alone.
  5. I do not feel like I am alone.
  6. I am a humble servant.
  7. Good things will happen to me because I am liked by all, with reason.
  8. I can find amazing things, do amazing things, even in the most boring/hopeless of places.
  9. I take inspiration from everywhere, but
  10. I do not let criticism take me down.
  11. I am hard-working.
  12. I never tire out of doing good things. 
  13. I never stress out.
  14. I am recognized.
  15. I am loved.
  16. I am creative.
  17. I am resourceful.
  18. I am willing to learn.
  19. I am willing to change- which has led me to great places.
  20. I organize my time perfectly.
  21. I am genuine. 
  22. I don’t get jealous at worldly things.
  23. I greatly honor all those who have blessed my life. 

I am the girl that did it all, and all through faith and all for God. 

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